RFC User Satisfaction Survey

RFC User Satisfaction Survey

Article 19 (3) of Regulation (EU) 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight requires the Management Boards of the RFCs to conduct a yearly satisfaction survey among users of the RFCs and to publish the survey’s results once a year.

RNE, as a coordination platform for the RFCs, has set up a project group consisting of RFC representatives. In 2014, this dedicated project group jointly created a harmonised survey questionnaire to be used. This questionnaire is being revised and updated every year as changes occur in the RFCs’ business and their internal processes. The fieldwork is conducted by a professional, independent market research institute in order to ensure neutrality and transparency. The first survey was carried out in 2014 and the RFCs have since mandated RNE with the coordination of the survey.

RNE and the RFCs have agreed to publish the overall survey results on the RNE website.

The summary presentation of the overall survey results in 2016, can be downloaded here.

For the RFC-specific results, please refer to the RFCs directly or check their websites: