April 6, 2017

RNE / Regulatory Bodies Conference 2017

The conference aims to foster dialogue and exchange between railway Infrastructure Managers and Regulatory Bodies in the railway sector. Topics such as Timetabling, focussing especially on the Redesign of the International Timetabling Process project (TTR project, including Temporary Capacity Restrictions), Timetabling quality programme and Path Coordination System (PCS) will be explored.

Also on the agenda: the Network Statement and Corridor Information Document updates, a session on RFC topics, follow up on the Rotterdam Sector Declaration and the revision of Annex VII of Directive 2012/34. The update of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding PCS (2009) will be discussed as well.


ARCOTEL Wimberger Wien
Neubaug├╝rtel 34/36
1070 Vienna

For further information please contact: mailbox@rne.eu